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My Little Bikini
Contributor Site for SkinBikini.com
About Us

MyLittleBikini.com showcases customer pictures who purchased the SkinBikini.com micro bikinis. SkinBikini.com is a subsidiary of Betterthanstore Fashion co, established in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Skinbikini.com is established to bring the most up-to-date see-thru bikini style into North America. This is already a trend and hit in Australia and Europe, but there is lack of retailers in U.S. or Canada to provide good quality and price to consumers. Ordering from overseas takes too much time and shipping. If you are not satisfied with overpriced store brands swimwear named after some designers or celebrities, then take a look into our store for totally see thru bikinis, hand-crochet bikinis, teardrop bikinis fitness bikinis and monokinis.

Skinbikini.com offers a better-than-store price and good quality trendy swimwear selection for both women and men. Yes, we offer Men's see thru bikini as well! Customers are very pleased with our low shipping fee and fast shipping turnaround time. We have received exceptionally good feedbacks and product reviews from our customer. They were thrilled to wear them on vacation or their own private backyard swimming pool or bedroom. They said they looked stunning on their Caribbean Cruise or at beaches in Mexico. Our product is so affordable our customers buy more than one set to holiday. Please click here to see them.


We continue to add new pictures and new products and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at service(at)mylittlebikini.com